Sales Solutions

As an industry leader in lead acquisition and direct response sales, JUPITER has a proven track record of being able to close leads at a higher average conversion rate than other call centers, with an above average yield per conversion for our clients. Even in a customer care or technical services environment we capitalize on opportunities to upsell or cross-sell our partners’ products and services.

Inbound Sales

Our customer acquisition professionals are recruited and screened to possess a sales aptitude, and trained to handle virtually any type of inbound hard- or soft-sell sales call. Whether we’re processing catalog orders, selling communication services, taking credit card applications or any other product or service, we embody a sales performance-based culture. We are not your typical script-driven order taking call center, we embrace the natural dialogue and relationship skills necessary to turn every contact opportunity into a sale..

Lead Generation and Qualification

Call center lead generation and qualification requires well-designed program stimuli and tactics, as well as strong agent lead qualification and closing skills. JUPITER offers lead generation programs specifically targeted to your industry and offers 24/7 lead qualification, live call transfers, Internet chat, e-mail and more.

Reservations and Appointment Setting

Appointment scheduling and confirmation, or accepting and processing reservations are sensible outsourcing opportunities for businesses looking to reduce labor-intensive functions and overhead. JUPITER customer advocates will handle those calls with a positive, upbeat disposition that will leave your customers knowing they have made the right choice and looking forward to their upcoming appointment or reservation. We leverage our same soft sales skills training and sales skillset to allow us to consistently exceed our client expectations on conversions. Request more information on JUPITER reservation and appointment setting


Outbound contacts both phone and e-mail, when handled within the confines of privacy laws and regulations can be very effective vehicles for gathering customer information, bringing awareness to discounts or promotions, and serving as a proactive retention tool for valued customers.

Sales Solutions

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Live Support

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Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Saves Time, Money and Pain

Choose a flexible, multi-channel provider you can grow with, Jupiter Growth happens when you keep the customers you’ve got and reach the ones you don’t. Today’s modern customers expect to be able to reach out to your business in their preferred communication channel – Voice, CHAT, E-Mail, Text, Social. Jupiter’s customized multi-channel call center solutions help you convert and keep new business relationships, and drive top performance within your industry. Find out how Jupiter can deliver the right solutions for your business needs.

Why Outsource to Jupiter.

Performance - Innovation - Caring - Knowledge You have a number of choices when outsourcing call center services. We consistently deliver a significant return on INVESTMENT (ROI) to our partners through a rigorous focus on the customer experience. Once you consider the following, Jupiter will be the obvious choice to be your contact center.

  • 100% Employee Owned
  • Performance Culture
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Knowledge & Experience
  • About Our Contact Center

    Get To Know Jupiter Employee ownership delivers an entrepreneurial spirit across our people; delivering an uncommon commitment to our partners' success. We’re long on experience, but still small enough to care. Jupiter is also PCI compliant. We are dedicated to maintaining the security of our clients and their customers, which makes Jupiter the reliable, long-term call center partner you can grow with.

    Service & Support Solutions

    Your best customers can be another company’s best prospects. As your customer support call center, Jupiter will help you retain and connect with your best customers. Our customer care contact center program designs offer a wide variety of channel options and self-service solutions, as well as 24/7 live call center support.,call avoidance strategies, rigorous focus on first call resolution, and efficient call handling. Ultimately, JUPITER delivers an exceptional customer experience which creates brand loyalty for our partners.

    Customer Care and Retention:

    Within our target industries, we are experts at managing our partners’ customer relationships across all facets of their businesses. We don’t take short cuts when partners trust us for outsourced customer service. We immerse ourselves in our partners’ products, services and culture. Each contact is an opportunity to create loyalty with a customer, even when the customer is upset. We make every contact count by recruiting and hiring empathetic, customer-centric advocates; empowering them with tools, training, and coaching to continuously improve. We set the standard for call center quality assurance. We Make Every Contact Count by “CLICKING” with our partners’ customers by :

  • Communicate Courteously
  • Listen to Learn
  • Initiate Ownership
  • Create Connections
  • Know your Stuff
  • Member Services

    Non-profits, associations, alumni, and other membership organizations rely on top-of-mind awareness for member retention and success. Our donor and member services call center programs keep your members engaged and connected. Inquire about member services call center support
    Tier I Technical Support: For consumers with technology call center issues, the quality of tech support they receive can be as important as the product itself. With the world’s ever-increasing dependence on technology, fast, efficient, and reliable call center tech support is critical in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    JUPITER provides a broad range of technology call center services including:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Help desk support
  • Software installation problems
  • Internet service outages
  • Up-sell/cross-sell programs
  • Warranty or post-warranty support
  • Co-Sourcing Solutions

    We provide the extended service capability and security you need to handle contacts when you’re closed, beyond capacity, or out of service. Our multi-channel, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), web CHAT, and e-mail capabilities also can be deployed to lower the overall cost per contact while expanding your service capacity. JUPITER has the flexibility to react and scale quickly within and across all three of our contact centers.

    After Hours Outsourcing:

    Your customers want to reach you conveniently; on their schedule, not yours. Our after hours call center services are your affordable alternative to extending your own call center service hours. We’ll provide your customers the same high quality customer experience as your in-house call center at times outside your normal business hours. Request more information about JUPITER's after hours call center services

    Overflow Outsourcing (peak periods):

    For many companies, reducing their call center staff to the baseline and outsourcing overflow call volume can save thousands, even millions of dollars. Besides the direct labor savings, outsourcing overflow call center hours to JUPITER can impact your bottom line in several, less obvious ways: Maximize internal occupancy rates Reduce hiring, training, temporary staffing costs Potentially reduce capital costs Improve service levels Improve call quality during peak calling times

    Disaster Recovery:

    When disaster strikes, you need a partner who can achieve a seamless transition for your customers. JUPITER can react and scale quickly, becoming the mirror image of your own call center within “a moment’s notice.” Let us be on call to support you in the event of a disaster. JUPITER can deploy a disaster recovery call center plan to keep your customers informed and connected throughout a crisis.

    Multi-Channel Solutions

    The days of a call center’s role being simply to answer phones are long gone. Today’s modern call center must integrate phone, web, e-mail, and wireless technologies into one seamless customer experience that enhances the connection to your brand. As a complete solutions provider, JUPITER offers a full complement of high tech and high touch channel options, from which your customers and prospects may choose, based on how and when they want to conduct business.

    Web and Live Chat Services:

    Live chat has proven to be an increasingly effective means of communicating with customers for both sales and service types of inquiries, including technical support. We provide live chat services to our clients using cutting-edge technology and highly skilled agents who are experienced not only in sales and service support, but also in the communication nuances of a “chat experience”. Live chat support services include proactive engagement and reactive chat offerings via customer web sites.

    E-mail Management:

    Outsourcing e-mail management has become a popular alternative for handling customer care issues, JUPITER leverages the latest in e-mail management technology with integration into ACD queues allowing for maximum utilization of resources, CRM integration for auto-responses, and customer advocates skilled at quickly and efficiently handling e-mail responses

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

    Our Interactive voice response solutions are not intended to replace our live advocates, but as an overall strategy, build innovative solutions that maximize the customer experience while lowering overall customer communications costs. IVR minimizes higher live agent cost channels for simple transactions. An IVR can be a service friendly option to handle quick transactions such as order status, collections information, case status, dealer locations, etc.

    Social Media Response:

    Our Interactive voice response solutions are not intended to replace our live advocates, but as an overall strategy, build innovative solutions that maximize the customer experience while lowering overall customer communications costs. IVR minimizes higher live agent cost channels for simple transactions. An IVR can be a service friendly option to handle quick transactions such as order status, collections information, case status, dealer locations, etc.

    Operational Support

    JUPITER has developed an intuitive, integrated, web based CRM solution which can be rapidly deployed to meet diverse contact needs. Contact Central, JUPITER's CRM solution can integrate with or completely supplant your existing call center CRM system. A core function within Contact Central provides us the ability to integrate data from multiple sources, such as your internal applications and databases, and centralize it into a single view for our customer advocates assigned to your program. JUPITER leverages a unique B2B web services API integration layer that empowers JUPITER programmers to easily integrate with third party systems.

    Data Entry:

    JUPITER provides both data entry services and the ability to securely warehouse data on our partners’ behalf. Our data entry services offers the ability to collect data from a variety of online and offline channels and maintain that data in a centralized, secure data warehouse using standardized data entry rules and processes. Regardless of the data source, inbound call center contacts, web site inquiries, electronic files from business reply cards (BRCs), or internal inquiries, JUPITER can handle the data collection, entry and management of your data in a secure, uniform and integrated database solution. As part of JUPITER's workflow and imaging solutions, JUPITER is able to quickly create images of any paper-based work and quickly scan, store, and retrieve the image into a workflow system which integrates with JUPITER's contact queue (voice, e-mail, chat, off-line work).

    Interactive Reporting:

    JUPITER offers a complete suite of real-time reporting that provides accurate and timely information when and how you need it, so you can make smarter business decisions. Whether analyzing revenue demand, media source reporting, drill down data at interval or agent level, or contact dispositions. JUPITER is a firm believer that data is knowledge, and knowledge is critical to the success of our partners and our ability to continually respond with actions through data analysis.

    Workflow Solutions:

    As a total call center solutions provider, JUPITER has recognized the need to leverage its strengths in people, process and technology not only with on-line transactions, but off-line transactions. As part of the Contact Central suite, JUPITER has designed and integrated a workflow solutions module which allows for complex labor intensive off-line functions to be delivered to a customer advocate within a contact queue resulting in efficiencies and lower overall costs for our customers. As part of the workflow solution, JUPITER delivers imaging solutions as well as integration services into third party systems to streamline and automate data gathering for off-line activity.

    Contact Central enables faster, easier access to information needed to successfully resolve customer contacts in less time, with a higher degree of confidence and accuracy which lowers cost per call through reduced average handle time, or AHT.

    The intuitive, script driven, consistent delivery of information across clients allows for virtually no need for systems training. (Lower training costs(